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The Aquagyro system is based on a semi submerged housing which combines effective aeration and stirring into one component. It creates a natural whirlpool through the unique patented impeller that utilize gravity to make it more energy efficient. When air from the whirlpool enters the impeller an explosion of microbubbles in the water occurs. Because these bubbles are microbubbles, they rise slowly to the surface and travel further in the water and thus oxygenate the water more efficiently.

The depth of the whirlpool is over 2 meters which stirs the entire body of water in a more advantageous way. Also, the housing has an water inlet through a pipe that allows our system to draw water from the bottom of the watermass as well. Drawing water from the bottom creates a better rotation, thus increasing the aeration and eliminating the possibility of only stirring and aerating the surface. 

Utilizing natural whirlpools to aerate water

This system is an energy- and costefficient solution to aerate water. Whether it is for the process of purificating drinking water, prepare idustrial water or treat waste water, the Aquagyro system is the beginning to a more sustainable water management process                  - for a better tomorrow.

The Aquagyro system - AQ600 housing

Here you can watch an animated version of our solution in action.

The Aquagyro system has already been in use and optimized for decades, with excellent results.

The results

With an average use of 1kWh/h per housing, the AQ 600 reduces the energy consumptions for water aeration by up to 60% in comparison to present technologies. Furthermore, the amount of water being lost during this process due to evaporation is also decreased. 

Also, this housing is scalable, which allow the system to be even more effective when combined to further decrease the total energy use and water evaporation, while aerating the water faster.

Extensive true testing

This system has been developed and optimized over a long period of time. One of our housings has been operating for over a decade in the northern part of Sweden. The results from it being used is simply astonishing.

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