Aquagyro AB

Effective technology to aerate water

- for a better tomorrow 

Our mission is to deliver a more sustainable solution to the water management sector in order to make it less energy demanding, through our own Aquagyro system.

Access to clean water is fundamental to life. But todays aeration technology is energy demanding, which make sustainable water management one of the major global challenges of our time to achieve a better environment.

Let us present the Aquagyro system

A semi submerged housing that utilize the force of gravity to draw air from the surface in a natural whirlpool, thus saving energy while aerating the water even more effectively.

The Aquagyro system - AQ600 housing

Are you ready to take action towards a better tomorrow?

Wheter you are working within purification of drinking water, preparation of industrial water or within treatment of waste water. Our mission to improve the sustainability in the water management process is impossible without you.

A new and more effective technology for water aeration

The Aquagyro system has already been in use and optimized for decades, with excellent results.

Three reasons to go with Aquagyro

Simple and easy

The Aquagyro system is simple and easy  to install with the ability to adapt the system after your specifik needs.

Long service intervall

Low need of service and maintenance as the system can work under extended periods of time without it.

Cost efficient

Aquagyro offers lower operating costs than competitors while increasing the effectiveness of the ateration process.

We have been developing the Aquagyro system since the 1980s.


In the middle of the 1980s the Swedish inventor Stefan Lövgren drew inspiration from the natural aeration occurring in water rapids, to develop a new impeller. An impeller that would come to aerate water in a more energy effective way.

Stefan contacted the Swedish engineer Lennart Renberg and within a few years of cooperation the first prototype of microbubble aerator was constructed. During 2001 it was tested in a real setting at Volvo Lastvagnar and Ragnsells at Dåva deponi in Umeå. Fast forward to today, a larger and more effective aerator has been developed, the AQ 600.

In 2020 Aquagyro AB was founded together with investors with the goal to further develop and package the product for the global market.

The team

Mattias Renberg - Chairman Aquagyro AB

Mattias Renberg - Chairman

Mattias, the son of the engineer Lennart Renberg is the chairman of the Aquagyro board. Outside of Aquagyro he is also one of the main owners in the  construction management company GOP Construction AB.

Niklas Gustavsson - CEO Aquagyro AB

Niklas Gustavsson - CEO

Niklas is the chief executive officier of Aquagyro AB, with significant experience as a consultant in financing, mobilisations of startup venture capital, and infrastructure project management. At Aquagyro he manage the market preparations and information dissemination activities.

Jonas Hansson - COO Aquagyro AB

Jonas Hansson - COO

Jonas is the chief operating officier and has a C-level background as a sales manager, R&D CEO, and CEO for complex organizations. Jonas manage the R&D department and validation activites here at Aquagyro.